Whetstone Christian Church 

We are affiliated with the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference, a denomination that believes strongly in the centrality of the local congregation. 

Our Connections

Our Mission


Our aim shall be... in every way possible to extend the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

In our regular worship, in teaching the Scriptures, in caring for one another, in building up homes and families in our community, in sharing the news of Christ around the world - the focus is on Jesus and His Kingdom, not on us.

1. The importance of a personal relationships with Christ

2. The Bible is our authority in all matters of the faith.

3. Worship is our vital response to God's greatness.

4. Prayer is our pipeline to the power of God.

5. All believers are called to be ministers.

​6. Each member is a vital part to make up the whole church.

7. Christ calls us to Love One Another - we are His family.

8. We recognize as partners every congregation that exalts Jesus as Lord.

9. Christ calls us to reach out beyond our fellowship to our community and world.

​10. We value children. We care about sharing the love of Christ with the next generation.

What We Value